Monday, November 21, 2011

Commonwealth Pool Tourney Results

THANK YOU to the company and the participants who helped make Commonwealth's 4th Annual Pool Tournament a success!  

Trophies were awarded to our first and second-place finishers, and a very special "Horse’s Rear" trophy was awarded to the team in last place.

And now, for our award recipients...
  • In first place were the illustrious team of Dave "the Destroyer" Myers and John "Right Pocket" Raymond. 
  • Finishing second were "Magnificent" Mike Petty and Kevin "the Krusher" Stone. 
  • Receiving the non-coveted "Horse's Rear" trophy were Brett "Bruiser" Broxholm and Chase "Champ" Oxbourgh.
Brett "Bank Shot" Stockhill and "Sensational" Sam Cobb finished third.

Door prizes were awarded to everyone and a special thanks goes out to Sandy Fisher who stopped by to watch.

Thanks again to those who participated – we hope to do it again next year!

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