At Commonwealth, even our history demonstrates our ability to achieve what others consider impossible.

In 1988, a dedicated group of electrical transmission and distribution engineers learned that their recently acquired office would be closing. The acquirer simply didn't think Jackson, Michigan was economically viable any longer. The group believed otherwise and immediately took action to structure a new company to maintain a name well-respected in the electrical power industry as providing world-class engineering and consulting services.

Many exceptionally talented individuals who had previously worked with the founders of the company were brought in to lend their expertise in the T&D field. In 1992, Commonwealth opened a regional office in the state of Washington to serve clients in the northwestern United States. In addition to smaller satellite offices, an office was recently opened in Kennesaw, Georgia to serve our clients in the Southeast more effectively.

Today, Commonwealth continues to grow - in number of staff and prestige in the T&D industry. We continually assess our staff and tools to ensure we are properly equipped to meet our clients' project needs, and we are proud to offer one of the most skilled, experienced technical resources available to design your power delivery projects.

If you can imagine a project, we can achieve it, because we've been in this business a long time. Since 1886.

Why choose Commonwealth

You need a consultant that can take your project, assess your specific requirements, and do the work in an efficient, cost-effective manner. Commonwealth is that type of consultant. Our in-house staff can help you with many facets of your project from initial planning through close-out. We enjoy the challenges offered by large or complex projects, but we're also eager to help you with your smaller projects.

Your projects are important to you and to us. We know that good communication between your staff and ours is key to the success of your projects, and we instill this in our project managers. We'll work closely with you to make sure we all understand the goals of the project, how the goals will be reached, and any special factors that must be considered. Unless you request a change, we will assign the same project manager and key project team members to all your projects as appropriate. This minimizes learning curves and allows your staff and ours to become closer allies. We think you'll find this approach serves you most efficiently.

The next time you need help with a project, call professionals who will provide the service and value you expect and deserve. Call Commonwealth.


PO Box 1124
2700 West Argyle Street
Jackson, MI 49204-1124
Phone (517) 788-3000
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Pacific Northwest
2021 E College Way
Suite 101
Mount Vernon, WA 98273
Phone (360) 466-2214
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114 Town Park Drive
Suite 150
Kennesaw, GA 30144
Phone (678) 223-7020

A Documented History of Engineering Excellence

"The Jackson office was established in 1886 by James B. Foote and...known as Commonwealth Associates, Inc."


"The company was founded in 1886 in Jackson, and for years was the engineering arm of [various] utilities controlled by a holding company called Commonwealth & Southern. It became an independent firm when the federal government ordered the break-up of the holding company in 1949, and was later merged."


"[E]ngineers and architects...built Commonwealth Associates, Inc., into one of the world's great engineering firms... Many of them began working for the company when it was the engineering services office for five utilities of Commonwealth & Southern, a holding company for giant utilities."


"There's an esprit de corps. In the Marines, you always wanted to know who was on your right and who was on your left, because you depended on them...the same at for all and all for one...a very creative, pacesetting organization, particularly in
energy transport...pacesetters."

- All quotes taken from The Jackson Citizen Patriot