Monday, August 22, 2011

E-Waste Day 2011 was a success!

Thanks to all for another successful E-Waste Drive this year!

Many computer items were taken on Thursday for the Eagle Scout Drive.  Thanks go to Steve Soltis, Brandon and Laura Kroth for loading up those items, which included:

27 CPU’s
18 Monitors/LCD
5 Printers
1 Scanner
1 large box of miscellaneous parts – keyboards, mice, cables, etc.

The the rest of the items were taken to recycling.  Thanks to Gary Higbee and his truck, Steve & Ben Soltis and their 18’ trailer (shown above), and the other movers:  Justin Ballew, Tim Weeks, Brett Stockhill and Dave Myers.

Items delivered were:

15 CPU’s
11 Monitors/LCD
8 Printers
3 Scanners
26 Televisions
1 Humifier
2 Vacuum Cleaners
3 Phones
1 Shredder
4 Battery Backups
10 Keyboards
3 Cameras
7 Switches
Boxes of miscellaneous parts – speakers, mice, cables, etc.

Great job, Team Commonwealth!

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